Aventa and Blue Are Merging!

Reaffirming their commitments to improving member financial well-being and investing in their communities, Blue Federal Credit Union and Aventa Credit Union have jointly agreed to merge, pending approval from the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA), and Aventa's membership. The merger is expected to be completed in the first half of 2024.

About Aventa

Founded in 1957, Aventa Credit Union has been a cornerstone of community-driven banking in Southern Colorado. Serving as a member-owned, not-for-profit credit union, Aventa is committed to offering modern digital banking experiences tailored to the needs of the communities it serves. It stands as a protector of member security and a provider of enhanced digital offerings, focusing on financial literacy to empower its members. Aventa’s dedication is not just to its members but also to the broader community of Southern Colorado, with various initiatives aimed at serving the unique needs of this vibrant and diverse region.

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About Blue

Blue Federal Credit Union, a renowned financial institution, holds a strong presence worldwide, managing over $1.8 billion in assets and serving over 115,000 members. Blue FCU’s mission, "to discover pathways to your possibilities," reflects its commitment to creating opportunities and delivering quality products to its members across diverse regions. It emphasizes diversity, inclusion, and community service, contributing to local organizations in the various regions it serves. Blue FCU’s dedication extends beyond banking services, aiming to make a substantial positive impact across Northern Colorado and Southern Wyoming.

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"This partnership represents a significant milestone for Aventa's members, associates, and communities. We embrace Blue's commitment to be your lifelong financial champion."
Greg Mills
Aventa CEO
"Blue Federal Credit Union warmly welcomes Aventa's members and employees as we join forces. Our shared commitment to the well-being of our members, employees, and communities, combined with our expanded presence and robust financial standing, makes this union a seamless alignment for both institutions"
Stephanie Teubner
Blue CEO

Merger Value Propositions


  • Enhanced member experience
  • Expanded access
  • Enhanced technologies
  • Innovative product offerings and differentiation


  • Larger talent pool
  • Acquire new products, processes, and talent
  • Offer new/different benefits
  • Career pathing and leadership development


  • Long history of giving back
  • Brand recognition
  • Employee volunteerism
  • Create stronger foundation work in all communities

Strategic Focus

  • Increase market share
  • Strengthen our financial position
  • Create greater scale
  • Stronger competitive positioning

Our New Footprint

The credit unions, when merged, will do business as Blue Federal Credit Union, with combined assets of more than $2.1 billion and over 153,000 members.

By bringing the two credit unions together, all members will have access to expanded products and services, the latest digital banking technology, and best-in-class member service at 27 branch locations, our Contact Center, and our ATM/ITM network.

October 2023
Initial Public Announcement
Initial Public Announcement

Press releases, social posts and emails letting the public know that the merger is in progress.

December 2023
NCUA Approval
NCUA Approval

Prior to the end of 2023, this merger needs to be approved by the NCUA. 

January 2024
Aventa Member Vote
Aventa Member Vote

In January 2024, Aventa members will vote to approve the merger. 

March 2024
Merger Completion
Merger Completion

In March 2024 the merger will be complete, with both organizations merging under Blue Federal Credit Union.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are multiple reasons why credit unions may merge. Financial stability, economies of scale, enhanced services, geographic expansion, compliance and regulation, member benefits, competitive advantage, risk management, succession planning and regulatory pressure.

The decision to merge is typically made after careful consideration of potential benefits and risks have been reviewed. The ultimate goal is serving the best interests of the credit union’s members.

We expect this merger to provide career growth opportunities for our employees. When two credit unions merge, they may find that certain departments or functions can be combined or streamlined, leading to new roles and job opportunities in the same or new departments.

Aventa employees will have access to an enhanced benefit package, tuition reimbursement, mental wellness days, and much more. The Human Resources team will be setting up specific dates and times to review the new benefits.

Employees are being notified on October 18, 2023. The members and general public will be notified on October 19, 2023. All responses to the media should be directed to Michele Bolkovatz.

Michele can be reached via email michele.bolkovatz@bluefcu.com or by phone 307-

Both Aventa and Blue prioritize service to members and to the communities in which they serve. Both credit unions are committed partners in our members’ success; we meet them where they are, and work with them on their journey to reach their financial and personal goals.

Merging can provide members with improved benefits such as lower interest rates on loans, higher interest rates on deposit accounts and lower fees. Additionally, the increased resources and efficiency due to the merger can lead to better member service and perks. Our benefits are being reviewed and the best benefits for our members will be selected. Once these benefits are selected training will be provided.

Merging can provide members with improved benefits such as lower interest rates on loans, higher interest rates on deposit accounts and lower fees. Additionally, the increased resources and efficiency due to the merger can lead to better member service and perks. Members will have access to more branches across Southern Wyoming and Colorado.

All the products and services offered by Aventa Credit Union and Blue Federal Credit Union will be reviewed. We are a champion for our members; the products and services that will best enhance our members’ financial lives will be selected.

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